Friday, May 30, 2008

i feel so dead

at tute. i was so sian. so sian of cardio. so sian of looking at a book. hate this. finished 1L of ice cream last nite. so stressed. thanks to easyness of going to shops i could well finish the other 1L of choc chip ice cream tonight and go back and get more. ARRRHH. yet, stress did not trasnlate to more studying. anyway, want to say I had the loveliest run with Lorraine this arvo after tute. glad i went for it. Was surprised to learn that she met her current bf through speed dating. I told her I will have to give it a go! haha.

its 2 weeks. 2 weeks of high brain activity then holidays!!!
then i cant imagine next sem when things get so much harder. sigh. i dont think they will ever be easy.ok, got to take heart that my A level friends are prob mugging 100x harder than i am.

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