Sunday, June 15, 2008

i love my church

well, another day trying to be good and stay at home and study. sat at the dining table downstairs reading stuff, main door was opened. then saw these 2 ducks walking past my door. so, ran up to grab my camera. yarh, they are wild ducks. and thats my car in the background.

Been so stressed, I have stopped studying. not really good. At church, was so happy to see the youth leading tonight. 1 guy even played and sang a song on his guitar, composed all by himself. Then after that talked to Michael, whom I sat next to. He is a Doctor, 2 years out and I really appreciate his advice whenever I talk to him. Anyway, I said I was doing 3rd year and He says how he remember it was so advice he gave was

1. keep physically fit
2. enjoy where I am
3. take any opportunity to go for rural hospital attachments
4. as an intern, do rotations I would never want to do

yes, its great to have 7 seniors in my church, who are currently doctors, and all having gone through the same course and uni as me. Its a great encouragement and I don't know what I would ever cope without them.

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