Tuesday, March 24, 2009

exam is over. praise God!

so after my long case exam on mon, been having a good time writing cards and baking cookies to give some of the paeds drs that helped me through the past 8 weeks. Funny story of these cards.
chara and I went to Kotara shopping centre newslink agnecy to look for a pack of blank gift cards. So I ask the shop keeper
me: do u have a packet of PLAIN blank gift cards
him: what do u mean?
me: i go on to decribe them
him: he shows me the shelf of simple thank-you cards with simple flower design on top

so after looking though a few, chara suggests i get the one with the baby....since it was paeds rotation....and while paying for it...
him(with eyes that look mystified of my choice): so...u are getting these thank-you cards with a baby picture infront??
me: yes!
wrapped 2-3 cookies in a packet. baked m&ms and choc chip cookies with chara who refuses to eat them...even though i made a heart-shaped cookie for her!

my tutorial group for paeds. 1 Nottingham exhchange student. 2 Norweigen exchange students, 2 Malaysians, rest are aussie.

u know how singaporeans are just cam-whores....that group shots even though are a pain to organise, are understandable and most welcomed???? well, taking this group pic was objected by so many pple in the gp...even the tutor wanted to take it for us!
holiday plan
now till fri: train, pack room, wakeup stuff, research, plan my upcoming BELATED birthday party that is gonna be awesome....by the beach with lots of fun games:D
sat-wed: brisbane and sunshine coast!! beach here i come!(as if i dont have enough of beach here...)
thur: hang out with jun
fri-sun: church camp
mon: school starts!

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