Thursday, March 26, 2009


tonite, had a paeds end of rotation dinner with Dr Webber. He brought his oldest son, who is only about 10yrs. then we all compared what each of us got for exams. i am damm lucky....cos one got toxiplasmosis and had to do a neuro exam and ITP and haemophillia. Thank God for giving me my patient. I pray that his family circumstance improves and he will be able to receive the love from both parents.

after dinner, went to colesto buy picnic bfast material. aka, sandwich stuff. came back home, made tuna, beef and ham sandwiches filled with cheese, lettuce, tomato on wholemeal bread. plan: run at the beach with my friends tmw followed by breakfast by the beach on this lookout, on top of the cliff that overlooks the beach.

brought angela and wee lee there, so they know abt it....where angela took pics with all the pretty yellow flowers.

arvo, hope can play a game of tennis, after doing a light run. thank you God for today:)I have been blessed.

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