Saturday, June 06, 2009

2nd run of the week

thanks to bff chara, she pulled me out of the hse for a run by nobby's beach. she is the best! she brought her notes there while i ran. promised her i would study when i get back. so gotta study after this. anyway, interesting things i 5.30pm when it was getting quite dark.

surfers, people fishing, bumped into mary and michelle....
the 1st thing they said to me, " why arent u studying??"

yeap, concerned juniors i must say!

nothing else remarkable except was thinking of the convo with my REAL mum last nite. was practising downs syndrome counselling.

me: hi, i am dr P C, thank you for coming to this consultation today, which i understand u want to discuss issues regarding being older and conceiving.

mum: why must u say u are Dr PC? why must u thank the patient for coming?
dont say they are older, say they are more mature.....

aiyo....we took 20min just to talk through the intro cos she kept correcting me!

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