Monday, June 01, 2009

day 1 of study

did some time in gloria jeans. they closed at 7pm, shopkeeper let me stay till nice of him!
me: (seeing him closing up at 7pm) let me know when u want me to go
him: dont worry, i can always sweep and mop around u and come to your area last

him(at 7.40pm): i have ran out of things to do around you....
me: ok, i will go now. thanks

yays. then caffeine high, got home and ran to the dark! so proud of meself.
route was twds broadmeadow stadium, turned at the traffic lights, passed Mackers (thought of eating),
funeral parlour (thought of death),
Lexus car show room (thought of owning one of those cars),
lights shop (thought of lights shopping with dad at Balesteir),
GP that is still open (thought of hardworking doctors and not so fun long hours as an intern).
fun huh?

oh, ran past a cat. first instinct i meowed...he turned to look at me. then thought. WAIT. i hate these creatures. so i barked. and he turned the other way to look at me again.

on the way up that long hill which i walked....found a 20 cent coin on the road. yays. runnning everyday will get me rich!

so there: did a 56min run. happy happy. stupid chips i ate at lunch ruined my day. but will try to be good tmw:)

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