Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos from Perth

me running
this is outside UWA. love this boat shack

view from plane from rottnest island

plane "sleeping" as the pilot called it. he put on the windscreen covers

Quokka up close on rottnest island. they smelled our lunch- roast beef

John forrest national park moss

Rottnest island

john forrest national park

rottnest island- we cycled really fast for 40min. thats all the time we had b4 leaving this beautiful island
me on the beach at rottnest

pink galah outside the pub at john forrest national park. he/she even has his/her own mirror

WEE LEE: this is for u! Saw this on the train and thought of u:)

me angry cos pens made us miss the stop on our train. we missed it once b4 this already!

home-made chicken soup with vege

view of perth on my way there

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