Sunday, September 27, 2009

night b4 flying off

its 1am. yet i am still posting pics for my blog. yes. i am crazy. love this pic. taken at chara's bday party 2 weeks ago.
this at hilda's bday 3 weeks ago. love my hair!

many weeks ago. after a long cycle. outside my house. me bike...has no name though.
so the next week will be fun. brought 3 textbooks and 3 new notebooks to study! then gonna spend some time racing 10k and 5k. other than that....a good time out from hospital. yes! more quiet time to study!!!
and opening ceremony tmw night is at SEA world!!! out of this world man!!!!wooohooooo..... cant believe 2 months of training has come to an end. yup. only trained for 2 months. so not expecting much of meself. just wanna thank my training partner for the good sessions. I wish i always had a training partner. makes so much difference.
cos runs, esp the faster ones a stressful even thinking abt it. i will eat heaps b4 the workout then feel full then cant run properly. then feel like puking/stomach ache. yarh. i dont take the stress of running workouts too well now.

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