Saturday, October 24, 2009

the weekend

Sat: Narelle's wedding. beautiful location at Pelican, by Lake Macquarie

would love an outdoor wedding:)

had church friends over for dinner on thurs nite.

cooked Hainanese chicken rice

the chicken

Fri and Sat. (pic missing Dave). So spent 2 crazy days with some church band members. went to Twist music conference. learnt heaps there. Sung tons of Emu music there....even had Garage Hymnal perform live!! met Philip Percival, composer of "Never Alone" and other Emu songs.
anyway, fri nite, went with Glen and Wayne to the Singaporean restaurant along George st in Paramatta. It was 9.30pm, last order. They were pressed to order something and I suggested chicken rice and Char Kway Teow. They loved it!
later they pronounced Char Kway Teow as Char coalled cow! haha. convinced Wayne to buy some home-made kaya. he pointed to the shop lady(we normally we call her Aunty).....he called her Mama....
Wayne: " I will ask that Mama for some of her Kaya". omg. was laughing so hard...
back home, he forgot the word kaya and said "chomp chomp" instead....
Glen was funny tooo.....once getting into his car, he wound down his windows and blasted "never alone" out......then when he came near a pub with more pple, around, he got scared and quickly wound up his windows.....
Night time was when. Hung out playing guitar together, composing new songs using the manual of the room as lyrics:)

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