Thursday, November 12, 2009

saying goodbye

today, prizes were given out to the 5th year cohort. It was the last time we were all together, in 1 place. Sitting at the RNC theatre for grand rounds today, reminded me back to 2nd year, the first time that lect theatre was 1st opened.

We started having more lects there. I would sit next to chara/hilda/jun/random.....listening to Lindsay rowe on the penumbra.....

and now, 3 years on. we are leaving each other. As i hugged phuong today, i nearly started crying. No, i told myself. stop hugging her, walk away and forget abt it. Sigh. many more goodbyes to pple today. Doesnt help when i read the yearbook, see our old pics in the tute rooms and reminicise on old times even more.

chara says,"move on". I cant. i treasure all my friendships and relationships with pple. It saddens me that everyone has grown up and left med school, scattered all round australia.

we say we will visit, but this isnt singapore. it takes hours to travel from one place to another, be it by plane or car.

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