Sunday, December 13, 2009

cycling and farming

cycled with a friend to Redhead beach. we went through this old railway tunnel. it was so cool, felt like cycling into another dimension whilst in the tunnel....
and this felt like it was from a storybook.....with an opening to a seccret land.

me on my mountainbike with basket! good for carrying the street directory cos we got lost finding the beach!
later drove to nelsons bay....climbed tomaree lookout and saw this. cant justify what we saw and felt. it had a 360 degree view of the area. and was real breezy on just 1 side.

few dyas before that, went to visit my teacher who owns a farm and grows her own vegetables for meals. this is the rocket leaves we picked for the salad lunch:)

she found this abadoned chick in her is nursing it in her bathtub! doggy is having a look at his new siblings...there are 50 chickens, 5 cows, 5 dogs and 5 cats. she treats all of them like her children:)

freshly picked cucumber and tomatoes for lunch!

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saminkie said...

Thank you for this healthy post. I liked the photos and the writing very much.