Saturday, December 05, 2009

funny moments i wanna remember

1. in the operating theatre, the orthopaedic surgeon connected his ipod the the stereo....and blasted music while operating. so think....60yr + male ortho surgeon. what kind of music he would like to hear while operating?

well....i was hearing "since you've been gone" by kelly clarkson. yes! and other nice girly love songs!!! omg. I really loved his choice of songs and said to him while he cut cutting someone's ankle open....." i really love your songs"

he looked at me and said, " thanks, no one has made that comment before".haha

2. patient I saw with sports doctor
he used to be a long-distance runner, but had a tendon tear somewhere so had to rest from running.....he took up a bit of cycling and swimming.

he tells the doctor and me that he hates cycling. that its not even a proper sport. the REAL deal is in running. hhaaaa. and that he thinks running a half-marathon is a sprint! woah....

but so sad...with his finances he said he wont go back to running cos the treatment for his current injury has been over $1000....had 2 blood injections and drs consultations. he cant afford it.

3. newcastle vets club
so joined the vets today for a training session. after the run, we did core work on the grass. everyone took out their full-size towel to lie on....while i just had a small facetowel....and when i put it on the grass. EVERYONE started laughing at me....saying its tiny....and the best part was...Nic was saying it looked like a nappy. omg.-_-

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