Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what a day

my partial dream came true......

got to sit in with the sports doctor of the New South Wales Institute of Sport(NSWIS) thie morn. saw national/state athletes such as rowers, canoesit. Learnt abit abt the high performence training done there. I requested for a tour of the facilities.....was told that a group from singapore, incl some ministed came last year to look at the facilities cos they are gonna build something similar. cant wait for that to be completed....

anyway, its such a great building....with physiotherapist, nutritionist, physiologist, doctors, biomechanist and other sports scientist all under one roof.

heard that they were at the worldtrack cycling recently and filmed cyclist from other countries to analyse their techniques.....there is a room full of big screens to view that.

after that, i came home. key couldnt open door. so had to wait around b4 other hse mates came back to try their key. their's didnt work either. had tocall the lock smith that charged over $100, and we waited over an hour at the nearby pub. thanks to me slamming the door shut in the morn:(

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