Monday, January 04, 2010

going to see aunty rosa now....trying to cycle there! gotta pump up the bike first:(

the other nite....tried to skip dinner. ended up eating oily oyster omellette with duck rice and dumpling soup at hawker centre in town at 10pm!!! so that was my motivation the next day to go out for a ride with the joy riders. guess what! not soon after the 1km mark, i lost them. so joined this couple who were cycing slowly going a shorter route....

they were really nice...Edmund and Carol. anyway, went to binjai park for makan. they had wonton noodles for bfast!!! i was like, thats a non-bfast item!!(in my head)

anyway, they offered to buy me food and drink since i kinda looked starving, thirsty and didnt bring money. thought of a simple pau, then edmund said, how about traditional kaya toast? the word 'traditional' made me think its something local , therefore i need to try it....yarh....havent eaten it b4!

so there goes the cals i burnt from the cycle:( WHY must food taste and look so nice???? sigh

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