Monday, January 18, 2010

running story

so, ran this morn at 7am. but only did 1km+ when cockeyed cockroach had a fall. Poor thing! so we walked....

then went to gym and did my run home from there.
while running under the trees, the leaves blew and i caught one! i thought, "pretty lucky of me, eh?"
(yarh, i talk to myself in my run)

so i took that lucky leaf, held it in my hand and said, " i shall hold on to this leaf till i get home. it's me lucky leaf!"

well, i soon had to cross the road at a traffic light. Somehow, the leaf flew out of my hand onto the road....i felt like stopping to search for mr leaf. BUT, green man was blinking already.....should I sacrifice my safety for a LEAF? i think all those big trucks and buses about to run over me would think i was crazy standing in the middle of the road looking for a leaf.

ANyway, I had to LET it go. i said to myself, "its only a leaf..." i cont running. then ran up this flight of steps to mount faber...then henderson waves....along the way, went up this park attraction....some terrace. Kept running up all the steps and when i got to the top, i said out loud, " OMG!!!!" yarh. really hot by then and super unfit. WHile coming down the steps, met a tree lizard....he scampered when he saw me. I thought for the fun of it, lets chase it....he tried to run away but had no where safe to for about 40m, i was running after this lizard( fun)

and yes....i was laughing "heeehhheeeee" out loud. Mr lizard finally crossed the path to the tree. Darn! LOST him:(

so cont along the bridges. loved the tree-top bridges and coolness of the air. Ran alongside some butterflies....when i got tired, i walked. b4 i knew it, it was 50min and only did 8km!!! ahhh....and had to go out soon. so picked up the pace to run home.

loved love my adventure run!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL> at the nickname cockeyed cockroach

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