Sunday, January 10, 2010


on deciding what to do....i think back of the doctors/supervisors I have come across.

Tim Stanely- ICU (intensive care). such a great teacher. He simplifies everything to make it easy to understand.....If I could train under him, I would do ICU

Phillip- ICU. he's an amazing reg. saw him counsel a dying patient's family with such calmness and using all the right words. I do hope one day I get to break bad news as good as him

Cameron Dart- Emergency med. He says arrythmias is easy peasy japanesy. hey....i notice a trend here...I like pple who teach! haha

Neil Halpin- Sports med. I love the way he is so organised....not a piece of hair out of place in his office....and that he can take a lunch break nap in his office!! omg. I want that life!

Mark Parsons- Neurology. My neuro tutor in 2nd year. yarh. Love how he taught us neuro and used to pick on me! really admire him cos he's now the stroke expert of Newcastle

Lawrence Roddick- Paeds. he took all day to do a ward round. but in btwn, added some coffee breaks to teach!

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