Sunday, May 23, 2010


Drove to Bathurst(40min out of Orange) today with Chris, Amanda and Khadijah. I attended this classical jazz concert at the cathedral, while the rest went exploring round this small town. Its meant to around the same size(or bigger) than Orange. 30 000 people.
the court house in Bathurst

the Gosling Creek guesthouse in Bloomfield. Really more like nurses quarters.
Had an interesting convo with 2 nurses tonite in the kitchen while i warmed up my supper(kangaroo meat with rice and ham).
We had talks about what rehab psych used to be like, which the nurse felt it did more for the patient. She said, back in those days, patients would grow their own vege garden, do more cleaning etc. Now, due to laws that protect them from hurting their backs and being seen as doing manual/slave labour, they just sit in the ward the whole day with maybe a few hours of organised activity a day. I agree, by going outside and doing something, you will recover quicker. But moving into the new hosp, they wont have the space. She said, demented patients need to space to walk around. They feel frustrated when they are kept in confined spaces. I have seen that for myself in I agree on that too.
Excited cos going to picnic tmw with a friend! hope the weather is good:)
Also loved google today. Its pac-man's 30th birthday and the google icon is a pac-man game! been playing with actually works!
Back to dementia, I fear myself getting that when I am older. I see it in my grandmother and think its so heart-breaking. I am regretful that I did not talk to her and sit down to spare her at least 5min of my time when she did have her memory and so much wanted to talk to her grandchild. Why was life so busy then? Why did I always think that she would always be there another day to tell me her stories and it could wait for a day when I was free?

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