Sunday, July 18, 2010

its been 1/52

its been a week since starting work officially. doing ortho truama team now. Really blessed to have been paired up with another houseofficer with not too many patients last week. Everyday I am so tired by the end of the day. The only thing I am happy about is that sometimes, if i get home early, there is still light outside and its not cold(as opposed to winter in newcastle).

Last week, managaed a run after work by the singapore river. As I started along the part opp great world city, i thought of how in the previous years, I sometimes would run from home to the river and back for a 2 hour run. not able to do such runs now:( then going up abit further, passing zouk, thought of how 1 week ago, that was the start/finish line of a very eventful race where it ended up in the hosp I work at. Running through the pubs in clarke quay, i saw the pub where my classmates and I met up a few years back. That was memorable......then I ran up to the merlion. Remembered how a year back, I brought chara and her family there......ran on the bridge twds sisters and I were just there the week b4 running, and pence was stopped by a tourist asking for directions. P was busy doing up her hair cos she saw some army boys...(omg). running back twds great world city, i ran past the new central shopping centre. That was where dad took a pic of me and T when we were only a few years old.

Then ran past brewerkz, went there many times with my family, not anymore now:( the ex-chinese restaurant there was where the hc track team celebrated their triple win after my eventful 4x400m relay, where we won rj by 1 point and I was the last runner in that relay.

coming back to great world city, I grabbed my bag and cycled home. Eventful moments that have happened in my life over the past 20 years were re-visited in that run. Quite emotional but at least something to occupy my mind whilst running.

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