Wednesday, March 18, 2009

exam in 4 days. OMG

ok. been not doing a single bit of exercise(i call it that, not training cos its really poor training) since 2 days ago. eaten the chocs that was give to the nurses by a patient, ate ice-cream today, also 101 other crap u don't want to know:(

I need to study cerebral palsy tonite for tute tmw. and revise my diabetes. just saw a diabetic 14 yr old girl.

I feel so fortunate to have such good junior doctors in paeds now. today, stephen and georgia both sat down with me during their coffee break and gave me a "mock" exam. and Yest, Georgia made up a worksheet for me to do on fluids. After my exam(when i have passed with the best marks) I will come back to the ward to give them something. Stephen, the registra asked if i liked paeds. Its such a contrast to see cute patients everyday, who have such nice skin and can play with, plus i love carrying them! obviously, cant carry an adult patient! why else i like paeds....they get better so quick and the ones that i have seen are less complicated than adults.

i cant believe its been 2 months or 8 weeks. which for a newborn child thats heaps of growing and hopefully heaps of wt gain. miss chara. she's in ED now....

OH. bought a potted flower plant for my room. its really pretty. has pink, purple and white flowers. the other day, i came back home, i said "Hi flowers". then i called my friend and the next word chara heard me say was "HI CAKE". but i said kate not cake! so she was sitting in her room(next to mine) thinking.....that Pam very naughty eating cake, even talking to her cake b4 she eats him! HAHA. i had to clarify with her later that i did not have cake in my room(cos its in my tummy now. haha. no lah)

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