Monday, March 16, 2009

race and exam are coming!

mon(last week)-thur: did 0 exercise and lots of eating of fries, burgers, chocs(forrero roche for birthday present), potato chips etc. u dont want to know my eating diary:(

Fri: 1 hr very slow run by the beach

Sat: 1hr run/walk with Chara at Blackbutt Reserve. We stopped to admire the wildlife exhibit- koalas, kangaroos, wombats called Bonnie and Clide, RAINBOW LORIKEETS. then came home, and went out for a 44km cycle to West Wallsend and back. route was all new to me. I just wanted to keep cycling till i reached the mountains. BUT the roads werent leading me there!!!

Sun: 1hr 20min run at Glenrock bush tracks

today (mon): 10km run by the beach and 2km swim

so unfit and fat that i have problems squeezing in my swimsuit and have not worn my pants cos cant fit too. I have to be strong to stop eating chocs and junk food!!!

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