Saturday, March 14, 2009

give thanks to God for He has blessed me so much:D

this was me last week, on the bike.
the playground at the hosp. its sheltered so u can play in the rain or hot sun(wont get skin cancer). the wooden bench on the rite was where i wanted to do some study but never did:(

guess what? a kookaburra flew into the ward. then he flew out, and here he is in the play groundFairy garden outside the chidlren's surgical/oncology ward. I can imaagine the sick cancer kids will be loving this get-away in the middle of the hosp buildings

so i walk up to this, and the wishing well starts talking to me!!! he asked me to make a wish and started saying things like "i will get better" can imagine that what a child would want the most there was Good health!!!!something we take for granted:(
decorations in the fairy garden

this is level 2 of John Hunter Hosp. the main hosp of the Hunter region. i think it has 500 beds. reminds me of an airport.

These framed collages were taken outside NICU(neonatal intensive care) I just started crying when reading them. seeing how these children struggled so hard in life.

i thoughtit was happy stories like how they survived in the end. cos the words written were so positive. When i read more, found out that the date of death was written there, which really wasnt that nice knowing.
Now to Happy things. My birthday was great. went to the beach with Chara and Prue. talked about God, sang songs and prayed together. Great time with my sister-in-christ. Wee Lee and Angela will remember this beach from last Year.
then had dinner at a pub by the beach. its pitch black behind us, but really...the beach is there.

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