Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the girl i met today

this 5 year old girl i met at cystic fibrosis clinic was a real attention seeker today. she refused the dr to listen to her chest, and poor doctor had to chase her round the whole room. then wouldnt show the physio her blowing of the PEP. Plus spitting at people and putting saliva on their clothes. AND while the doctor was writing up a medication script for the mother, she used her red colour pencil and coloured all over it. next, she tore up the dotor's patient list!

i managed to play with her abit. and got her to give me this colour-in she did. she says she has pooh bear and piglet at home. i told her i wanted to take this home and stick it on my wall.

after that met a 14 year old cystic fibrosis kid. asked her what she knew about her disease. and she said she figured out that she had till 40 years to live. she said it with such confidence and said it didnt affect her.

she is really alot stronger than me. Wouldnt you break down and be a wreak (4ever) if u knew u had this horrible lung disease that decreased your fertility, gave u so many hospital admissions, on drugs all the time, and that u knew when ur end was? well, i would.

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