Sunday, March 08, 2009

Loop the Lake

this morn, completed 88km on the bike. started at 7am, finished at 11am +. that was with 2 stops. Really good charity ride that was going towards the John hunter children's hospital.....what they dont that in the paeds ward, there is a huge plasma flat screen. i wonder where the money for that came the route was really hilly. winthin the 1st 10km, i was knackered. really, kept looking at my speedo to see the dist and it was so so painful to be moving slowly uphill with hords of better riders overtaking me. At 34km, the first morning tea pit stop came. I got off, had TWO blueberry muffins, orange cordial drink, went to the bathroom and went off again. at 75km, had a fruit pit stop. this time, it was located next to the lake....yes, this is the lake we were looping around. had a banana and orange. then asked the ladies how far left. they said 15km expression in repsonse to that was priceless. and as i walked away from the table, heard the 2 ladies talking about how dissappointed i looked when they said 15km more.
anyway, pushed on and i finished it! felt like the organisers cheated me....they said its 85km. my speedo read 88km. BUT am happy i didnt faint/crash/tyre puncture along the way.Saw so many pple stopping with flat tyres that i really thought it would jinx me to get one. then started thinking of how i would repair it. Cos i am so bad at it, i thought i might even try hitchhiking a ride back to the start. couldnt call any of my friends cos most of the time i had no clue where i was
the finish area with a playgroud of children....yes i just cant stop looking at kids now. so fun to play with.

ice cream truck menu. wanted to show ZY this....

ZY....this is for u! its taken at the finish area. i remember eating from here when i last did this ride 4 years ago.
and that was my sunday. i am happy to say that i have cycled round the whole of lake is the largest coastal lake in australia.

i wore 2 layers which i regretted as the sun came out and kept imagining myself collapsing from overheating

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