Tuesday, April 07, 2009

1st day of repro medicine

that was yesterday. Highlight of the day was when we visited the birthing room. OMG. u know how u think pple only give birth in theatre?? well, this looked like a very high class hosp room, complete with a big jacuzzi-sized bath tub,in case u want to do a water birth. So upon seeing this really calm and pleasant room, i immediately told the midwife and other med frens i wanted to give birth in that room now!!

then Andrew said, " pam, u know u need to get pregnant first...."
damm! its so nice....i really really felt like giving birth! haha:)
but maybe after seeing some births in my delivery week next week, i will change my mind. So, for the moment, let me think thats its really lovely to have babies!!!

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