Sunday, April 05, 2009

my 2nd church camp in Foster

with the Locker twins. they are super shy 3 year olds who had no interest in their picture being taken.
the beach just across from our campsite. just amazed with the name- Booti Booti national park

this is the beach the guys went surfing at 5am this morn. crazy. i have come to a conclusion that all rural New South Wales beaches look the same. yeap.

church family photo. i'm taking the pic thats why i'm not in it.

sat nite was fun. after Elim idol, played taboo(american version) and cranium with the gang. my group won on both occasions! go team! haha. one of the cards we picked said define hirsuite! haha. 2 drs on the team, we knew it so well. other teams complained. anyway, if u are wondering, it means hairy. and american taboo is so hard. and i found it so hard guessing when my aussie team mates were describing. one of them said
" this person is oriental and very intelligent"
immediately Tohie said CONFUCIOUS! wow. would never have guessed that!

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