Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend

Church service in morn, then went to church minister's house for lunch. had fish and chips! yum! hung out with the ministry team minus the senior minister. but felt so special it was just the few of us there.

Syd easter show with hilda, jun, bonnie and yanni. met up with Stephen who bought us coffee. told all my church friends that i wanted to go to the show to win a baby pig. then they can see the pig at our next bible study. but didnt find any comps where i could win any animal:( it was lots of animal judging comps and rides for children(like me. hehe) and some shops and pricey food. saw a wood-chopping comp with huge strong men and queued 1 hour with yanni to watch pigs race against each other and 2 pigs jumps off a diving board into a pool of water. OOOH! milked a cow too and hugged the cow mascot. just felt like a hug!!

anyway, came back to church tonite and EVERYBODY asked me, " where is your pig?" HAHA. it was so funny. first sentence they said to me..... had to tell them to sad news:( that i had nice roast pork strips for lunch in Sydney...

had a great run with yanni by the beach, then lunch with her singaporean friends. sad max is gone:( went to hillsongs church in syd for the first time. they played Mighty to Save, How great is our God, which are my fav songs. Preaching was also excellent.

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