Monday, April 13, 2009


just studied abt this drug used in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. and guess increases the chance of twins. yesh!!! what i have been looking for....

clomifene citrate is an estrogen antagonist-> increases FSH and LH-> growth of ovarian follicle and follicular rupture-> ovulation. this drug can cause multiple ovulation. BUT increased ovarian cancer with this drug. anyway, my tutor said this drug is not yet used for making twins. not ethical. However, i can try to get my hands on it next time. hehe. When i am ready to give birth! woo hooo....seeing lots of mummies give birth tmw!!!!

tonite, chara and i cooked tog. bought a $20 whole snapper and baked it with ginger, tomato, soy sauce and corriander(was on sale..29cents for a bunch). had it with brown rice and i helped to fry the vege. garlic with carrots and chinese spinach(fresh from syd). yesh the chinese spinach here is non-existent. YUMMY meal.

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