Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"getting clucky eh?"

thats what the midwife said to me yest when i looked so comfortable feeding the newborn with a bottle since her mum was still recovering from general anaesthesia. I asked the dad if i could feed, and he said, "i will have a lifetime with her, so u can feed." yays!

out of the 3 deliveries i saw yest, i carried 2 of the babies and gave them a good cuddle b4 unwillingly giving the bubs to their parents. sigh. actually, there was 1 up for adoption. mum knew baby was going to be born a dwarf so straight after delivery, went out of theatre to the nursey, away from mum. I went over to baby after that and played with him for a while.

and oh...seeing my first vaginal delivery. the smell and blood etc was so nauseating!

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