Friday, April 24, 2009

why am i judging?

at antenatal booking in clinic today, saw a 21 yr old girl, BMI prob 16, come in with her bf. she was 14 weeks pregnant and the midwife and booking her in for more antenatal clinics. amongst some the the routine questions asked, was...
planned preg?
how does she feel abt the bub?

so my judgement just kept exploding in my head....she is young + not married + underwt + smokes pot....surely its she wont be happy with this unplanned preg. surely family is unhappy etc. BUT she said she was happy, her family was happy. i just did not believe her!

i shld stop predjudicing the pple who in my mind, are unfit for pregnancy.

u know, i just found out. in aust, if u go to a gov hosp, u dont need to pay a single cent for all the antenatal appts and for delivery and stay afterwards, plus u get $6000 from the governement each child. So, having a baby, is free plus u get $6000. the midewife told me she has seen pple just wanting to do that for the money, afterall, to those who cant afford an abortion($400), this sounds way better.

i realise obs and gyane has alot of societal influence. its abt mother's or wmn's perceiving at that point in time. All i know, is I WANT A BUB born in a TUB. haha. rhymes:)

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