Sunday, April 26, 2009

need to study and run more

just had my shower. but b4 that, had to kill a cockroach(while in a towel). then tried to extend heater into bathroom to come out into a warm room, but cable too short. thinking i want to but a bigger heater cos i a damm cold. and my theory is that if i am warm, i wont seek food for warmness.

hmmm...wanted to study the physiologic changes in pregnancy cos the last tute the Dr talked abit on gestational diabetes.....BUT i just had to read pelvic pain chapter first to answer every other girl's problems on period pain. I told my friend the other day, who had real bad ones that i never had them. she said she wanted to slap me. ok, its a crime to be a girl and not to have PMS and period pain. apparently. maybe its more like they think we(those who are symptomless) will belittle their pain.

its just like men who never experience labour pains, they dont know how much the woman had to go through to get the bub out that tiny birth canal such that its just so easy to say the wrong thing to the wmn. oh....and the after effects, the tears and prolapses....and incontinence, oh which i already have. yup. i reckon, by the time i have x number of kids, my incontinence will be so bad, i will need to catherterise myself!

ok, enough! last nite with hacker and moore's(cos its due tmw) so need to make the best of it. pelvic pain, here i come.uuhgh.

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