Monday, April 27, 2009

is that your bub?

Bub in the pic below was mistaken to be mine. Max (anna's cockatiel that i baby-sat a few weeks ago)wrote to me on facebook and asked if bub was mine. this was my reply

maxie baby! the baby in the photo...i have multiple choice for u. guess which is the correct wun...

A. sorry i didnt tell u earlier maxie dear, u are the father of our baby.sadly to say, he looks more like me wif no feathers:(

B bub I adopted

C bub I stole from K2 in JHH(john hunter hosp). K2 is the post-delivery ward. (u know this has been my dream for sometime)

D bub i randomly took a pic with when parents werent looking

E i helped deliver bub and mum let me carry him

just came back from antenatal clinic. really interesting. saw a couple from china. interpreter was a singaporean! anyway, i tried speaking. hopeless. then mum had to do this 20min test called ctg, something like ecg but for bub. interpreter had to go. so i volunteered to help relay the info after the test. I struggled so hard to say, " if u dont deliver ur bub by next tue, come to day stay unit in ward K2 for a checkup with ultrasound and CTG".
OMG!!! i could only say something like, " baby dont pop out by next tue, come to hosp but not at the clinic" ahhhhh! i didnt know how to say in chinese
- day stay
- or even say the opp which is not stay overnight
- ultrasound

me hopeless.

then a french couple came in with a french interpreter. i managed to remember what mw taught me last time: je m'appelle pamela. yays. then the husband said, "u speak french?" hehe....

anyway, i just kept looking at the mum. she was so beautiful...loved the accent and husband reminded me of simon(norweigen student in my course who cracked me up last week)

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