Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my day

while waiting for prof symonds to turn up for our prof skills, simon did a short geography teaching session on where the diff countries of Europe were. yeah, he wipped out a world map from his wallet, started drawing on it. then when we went to prof's office, saw another world map, and he tested me again!! ahhhh...want to go to Europe. anyway, didnt know what to talk abt and just made small-talk on the poster in the o and g office with a mother breastfeeding. talking abt expressing colostrum....

me:" i am getting hungry(while looking at the breastfeeding poster)"
simon: "(rubs his tummy and smacks his lips) yes....colostrum(then pretends to drool)"

haha. yarh, colostrum is the first part of breast milk, meant to contain lots of fat and highly nutritious to newborn.

* ok, may not sound funny while reading it. thats cos u have to hear it on simon's norweigen accent and see his face to laugh at this*

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