Sunday, May 03, 2009


So we organised this party, in the theme of red for oxfam AIDS orphan nutrition programme. its actually a party all the med unis round aust do for this same charity. it was such an encouraging nite to see 100 people attend cos we intended to hold this last yr, but cancelled it last minute cos timing was bad and response was bad. pic above was of my 2 bunny friends arm wrestling. i arm wrestled with simon (bunny on the right) and he kept saying i am strong. yay!
thought this guy was unusual. so took a pic with him. most of the nite i was standing at the door, selling tickets. it was chilly but managed to hold up. I wonder....where did everyone put their jackets when they were dancing. anyway, got some time on the dance floor. OMG so stress relieving. love it!

this is the committee that made it happen. few other people are not in the shot.

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