Tuesday, May 19, 2009

chillaxed(word learnt from pris's friend)

chara get well sooon!!!
went with chara to the drs. said i wanted to come down with her cos wanted the Dr to prescribe me ICE-CREAM. haha. but seriously, i did ask the dr for that prescription. she said, "thats for your mum to prescribe."
sigh. have to get one of my many mummies to agree on that one!

lunch break time in btwn morn ward rounds and arvo lessons at the hosp, duck out to kotara for a haircut and massage.
talked to the massage therapist in chinese(she was chinese herself), thinking could get some discount if i did so
all this is translated in english cos u prob wont understand the lousy chinese version i actually said
me: where do u come from?
her: china
me: whic part of china?
her: said some part, i have forgotten. how about u?
me: singapore
her: u know, ur chinese is quite bad
me(tried to save myself): oh, but its not my 1st language
her: i know other singaporeans and their chinese is better than yours
me: nothing else to say.....

anyway, evening, had a buble bath with muscle-relaxing bath salts and burnt my incense candle.....now all i need is some music. copied this from an episode of scrubs, where JD was using elliot's bath tub.(if anyone knows that episode)


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