Sunday, May 17, 2009

a blessed weekend

Went over to stay with nic's family in sydney for 1 night, the day before the Syd half marathon. this is the guest room i slpet in! so cosy right? the best part was that there is an electirc blanket.....ooohhh....such comforts in winter:)
not championchip but this plastic board thing on my left shoe. abit hard to see here

after the run, nic's mum bought us tea/coffee. sat in Hyde park to drink it

flowers in hyde park, sydney. hyde park was the start/finish line

famous fountain in Hyde park. i asked Nic to help me take this photo. then he concluded, "pam likes to take pics with nude men"haha

random person's dog! he was so shaggy. haha

With Robyn, nic's mum
10 thousand pple! record numbers. too many for the tiny streets we were running in. the course was 2 loops and the winner(an African/Kenyan) had to weave in and out of the back of the pack(thats me). even though they created a special lane for him.

in support for breast cancer research. run in memory of the great Australian marathoner, Kerryn Mccann. her 10 yr old son was the race starter, and i got a photo with him too. He was so withdrawn and quiet, i was just speechless when i met him.

Nic's dad got this pic of me. thats the finish line at the back. this was before starting. OMG> painful, painful race.
5km: trying so hard not to look at how many minutes i had run, cos i was tired already
9km: struggling up some hill. looking at the ambulances around and thinking of how to get into them(so i dont need to finish this race)
11km: ready for my next round. at 1 drink station, water was not being replenished as fast as runners coming in. as i was not in any time constraint(this was my relaxing run), i noticed how the runners were so inpatient, and some shouting at the volunteers pouring the water into the cups.
next drink stop, noticed a young boy(maybe under 10yrs), holding a cup of water out for runners. one runner ran past him, missed catching that cup and knocked it onto the floor. Immediately, i saw the dissppointment on his race. he was trying his best, yet no one appreciated it. I really felt for him.
on my 2nd round, when i passed him, he was no longer giving out water, and just looked so dejected. I felt like stopping and going over to him and say, "good job mate". but i did not.
13km: still looking at ambulances and figuring out my excuse to stop running. started some walking
19km: leisure toilet stop at the botanic gardens. thought that i shld have just finished the race b4 toileting, but didnt like those port-a-loos at the end. which meant i might have restricted fluid intake, which is not good
20km: HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. saw a woman, with long black hair and high heels flashing from a distance. as i got closer, noticed she was dancing on an elderly man who was sitting on a chair. the sign read, "runners only, free lap dance". caught some of the action, she even had her own photographers there to take pics of her and any runner that would sit on that chair" stopped for a while to watch my virgin experience of this.
20.8km: last sprint. told myself had to sprint past anyone fatter than me, and anyone with grey hair. sprinted past those peeps, and felt good about myself that i had a good time overtaking at least some peeps.
21km: OMG. its over. cant believe i did it. time read 2hr 15min. longest half marathon i had done but glad to have done it. Thanks to God who carried my past the finsh line on my legs, and not on an amblance.

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