Friday, May 15, 2009

what a week

just came back with chara from a run with Sijle, a Norweigen exchange student doing o and g with us. run was the longest i have run in months! that was 56min. yeap, i am screwed for sunday's half marathon. for the 1st time in history, i plan already to walk part of it.

anyway, must recap here incidents from the past few days.

chara brought egg sandwiches to her presentation. in the morn, i told her she could use my eggs since i have a whole tray and rarely cook eggs. So, at lunch time, when everyone(other med students) were eating the food, I announced nice and loudly(while pointing to the egg sandwiches), "everyone, eat up! these are my eggs"

it meant to be a random comment, but was surpirsed to have so many pple responding in laughter. After 20 secs, i then realised what i said. Doing Repro med, eggs naturally mean from the ovary. sigh.

P, the resident, came to the O and G ward!!!!! anyway, was thinking why he was there cos i last saw him in Paeds. But he was the Psych resident. and followed him to see a patient for her consult. He taught me abit afterwards.....but we had spent some time disccussing how i need to find another patient to write a psych report and dont cheat off him. it was just funny cos i just wanted to get it done but he was serious abt my learning and wanted me to do it properly on my own.

Prof S says, "whose signature is this?"(looking in the notes)
signature is seriously squiggles up and down like 10 times
it happened to be Michael's. Anyway, Prof said it looked like ventricular tachycardia.

i loved this week, being in the wards, helping or rather being taught what the resident doctor does. doing some jobs for her.thanks ange. sorry for making u go home late and asking stupid questions that take up ur time.

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