Tuesday, May 05, 2009

sexual health clinic

sat in a sexual health clinic today. really different to see male patients after seeing purely female patients for the past 5 weeks. makes me miss them! I found out its a free service to anyone, even travellers. now i know, if i need a check up, where i can go >_<

anyway, the really funny incident happened. and the room is a very serious tone cos u know, these problems are quite private.

Dr: when was the last time u had a pee(cos he wanted to do a urine test for chlamydia. so if he had just peed, then maybe harder to get a sample)

Patient: a few years ago, when i did this course at TAFE.

me: trying not to burst out laughing. i did smile but luckily no one saw me.
obviously, patient heard something like " when did u do your last degree?"

and just other questions in a normal sexual history that I myself have never done yet. I will do it one day for sure.

- when did u last have sex
- did u use a condom for that
- have u had sex with sexual workers, which country where they from
- been tested for HIV
- is your partner male or female

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