Monday, June 29, 2009

1st day of ICU

just came back from Perth. lots of stories and nice pics but no time and resources to upload them. maybe next was a good break saw places like
- Fremantle
- Rottnest Island
- Ran in Kings park
- Ran along the swan river
- John Forrest National Park

Lots of times, we were lucky in the trip. which made me attribute it to God being there, looking after us. For example, we were lost in the huge national park. No one in sight. it would be getting dark in a few hours. when a couple walked past and they showed us the way out, even giving us a lift to the train station.

Today was back to hospital. doing Intesive care. see things that are disturbing. watched doctors as they performed the tests to certify this youngster brain dead. read the messages and cards in the room and started crying.

So many accident victims in ICU. Pls, be careful whenever on the road. be it a pedestrain or a driver. And for drivers, pls dont do things that will endanger other pple's lives like drink driving or speeding.

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