Thursday, June 18, 2009

post exam day 1. wwhhheee!

first pic with my new embarrasing haircut. pls dont laugh. this is at Kotara shopping centre having lunch
bought Saber darling some dog food. healthy australian lamb snacks. taught him tricks toooo.

omg, so at the chemist, Ping showed me this...its a book rest. ur book has a nice comft cushion to be read on. i was thinking how crazy this was whenn/.....
she showed me this! even the horse, wearing specs uses it!!!
i laughed till i cried and was drooling and had to squat on the floor then she said the sales assistant was staring at me. BUT seriously, dont u think its DAMM FARNI!
i am still laughing and crying now myself!
just came back from Ping's hse playing Wii and guitar hero. my first time. guitar hero songs not that nice:(
tonite, going for a birthday party. just bought the cake. its at a malaysian chinese restaurant! more yummy food:)
tmw, hope to say goodbye to our norweigen exchange students friends with a morning run and picnic by the beach! pls dont rain....


Anonymous said...

thanks for the good laugh pamster!

hyacinth macaw said...

who is anon??