Sunday, July 26, 2009

cross country relay at speers point

It was the Peter Rose Classic. my 1st cross country comp for the season which is ending in a few week is King of the Mountain! there is 25km around Mount Sugarloaf.....i dont think i can make that one. anyway, this is lake macquarie. i cycled round this lake earlier this yr and it was a 80km bike ride!!

runners waiting for relay team members to come back. judy, with the white hat in the foreground runs at mysometime running club. she is old, but is jsut so dedicated to running.....a real admiration for her.

my team was Team Rip Curl....just cos Lucy's t-shirt said rip-curl! haha. at least we are better than other teams that didnt name their team. our team came in 4th overall. well done team rip curl!

it was a fun race. we had 3 races in total.....

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