Wednesday, July 15, 2009

my thoughts today

i now have some antibiotics to treat my swollen, red, painful finger. thanks to the drs at the hosp for looking at it! if it doesnt settle in days, i have to go back to get it cut open to drain the pus. told my med friend doing ED there, and he would be too happy to perform it.

so was thinking, to what limit and do people have limits in letting young doctors and medical students perform procedures on u.

- if my life was on the line, i would call out for non-med student and no jnr drs
- for something minor like cutting open my finger, i would happy to let my friend practise on me, cos i know how it feels.
- just seeing operations where the consultant doesnt operate, rather let the junior trainees do it....i think sometimes patients dont know that this is going on. but we need to learn and there is always the first, so how to overcome that? only with experience does one get should i deny someone their experience when it comes to my medical welfare at stake? and why should i expect differently from a patient?

i think the overseeing dr will only let us(jnr drs and students) do the procedure if they believe we are competent enough. I think, for complex cases, a first timer will def not be allowed to practise...

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