Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i still have cellulitis in me finger

today was happy day! even though i have left paeds and obs and gynae, and doing anesthetics....morn saw paeds surg and arvo saw a caesarean section. after baby came out of mum's uterus, and i managed to carry baby......i was more keen than the 2 o and g students that was observing the operation.....yeah. baby mixed boy(chinese and caucasian). The midwives knew me well and immediately said to dad and mum(still lying on the op table)
"be careful she doesnt run off with your baby"

haha. and lovely name. Sundance!!! wow...so cool:) ahhhh.....

bought new tissue box cos i kept sneezing. chose the design with a baby seal on it.....something like this pic. but he is a bit rolled over, looking really really lazy. I wanna be like lazy baby seal!!
me finger is still red and painful and swollen....shall see if i have the chance to pop into ED(bypassing all the patients waiting outside) and asking an ED dr to look at my non-life-threatening red finger. hehe. the merits of being in the system.
I wonder what tmw's theatre list might be for me......


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