Sunday, July 05, 2009

Last nite in Brisbane

had a good dinner and chat with Juliana tonite. We went to South Bank, a Jap restaurant. and they were so eager to kick us out. Kept coming back every 5 mins to ask if we had finished our food.

Lunch was great. Will drove us to Sunnyvale BUT got lost + traffic jam so we reached the Yum Cha Resto at 3pm, after it closed. Ended up at another chinese resto. had a good lunch with Will's hsemates Thein, Leigh with Jo and Jihan and Cheryl. yayyay. so much food.

Nite before, went to chinatown for dinner. there was about 120 of us in 1 restaurants. 2 restuarants had to be booked. I shot to instant fame when my table was the shortlisted few to have the top makrs for trivia game. So i was competing with 4 other people for the top prize. we had to list as many countries in Africa as possible. It soon became me and another guy. the audience was kind enough to help me. BUT, i could feel the power of the guy next to me, so i just gave up. the next day(today), had a few pple recognise me from the embarrassing i did not know the 56 countries in Africa:(

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