Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lake macquarie 10.5k race is tmw

Lord, i surrender tommorrow's race to you. Pls help me get through it without worsening my injury. Thank you for my Christian brothers and sisters who will running it as well: Cam, John and Catherine. Thank you for the many supporters who will be there cheering me on. I am just so blessed to have such good friends:)

this evening, tried to take Ned(neighbour's puppy) for a run. BIG MISTAKE
it lasted 3mins!!! yup. he kept stopping, then didnt want to go where i wanted to run and just protested by sitting and refusing to budge:( so i had to take him back home(which he ran towards)

bought a whole snapper tonite and ate the whole thing on my own! yum! good fuel for tmw......

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