Thursday, August 06, 2009

Past happenings with my brother and chara

cooked beef and chicken stroganoff with more red wine than needed- had 500ml in total instead of " 2 small glasses of wine"
Chicken Kway Teow

Apple crumble topping. in the making

Apple simmering. Apple crumble in the making
We Baked Ratatouille!!! yes, inspired from watching the rat's movie. I have now watched it 4 times!!

Seafood bee hoon. with Baramundi fish and prawns

Run today at Glenrock

We played tennis! i dusted my racket and played for the 3rd time this year:)

Freebies collected from drug companies. there was a medical conference over the weekend. anyone want anything? there is pens, note pads, gingerbread cookie in a heart shape with letters HF for heart failure given by a heart drug company, theraband for physio, lots of choc(that dylan hid away from me), 1GB x 2 thumb drives(given away)

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