Sunday, August 09, 2009

so yesterday

thanks to Optiver, i got some Hilary duff songs on my mp3 player now....listened to 'So yesterday' and brought back memories of 2003...where i listened to lots of hilary duff.

these are my neighbours standing in our driveway. Sara and Joel. Sara waterskis....and they got a new 8 week old puppy from a farm....and instead of going for my arvo run, i went to play with puppy!!!
playing with Ned infront of my hse

oh, found this. the 10k race i did last yr, that i am doing again this year at end of Aug. can u spot me??
i am in blue jacket on the far left.
u may ask why i am the only one in a jacket...well, it was cold, plus it was raining....

finished the 10.5km in 49mins ++, 2nd in age gp. yays! 15th overall wmn. had so much trouble with the jacket on my waist. knot kept undoing, so had to keep retying throughout the run.
anyway, what i really want to blog abt is this morning. ran with Coach Paulie's gp at Glenrock. Its like an angel sent from heaven, got paced on the 2nd half of the run by fellow runner, Marcos. He is a brazillian. Anyway, he is super funny....while running in the forest, he runs past a skinny tree...then says the tree trunk is good enough for pole dancing...and starts doing some dancing round this tree trunk!!
and later, when the gp split up, he encouraged me to keep up with him and gave lots of encouraging words.....I need him to run with me all the time!!! and he was supposed to go for city to surf this morn in Syd, but worked 14 hrs yest, so didnt go....
Thank you God for the wonderful people u place in my life that are helping get back into some form of running and not becoming a marshmellow(thats what Optiver calls me when i eat and eat and dont exercise)

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