Thursday, September 03, 2009

more pictures!

This is Croudace Bay, Lake Macquarie, where we went fishing(2nd fishing spot). 1st fishing spot was Swansea, which is the opening that sea water enters this lake. we kept catching rocks and sea weed there!!!
Bait. yumyum

Nelson's bay. view from Tomaree looukout. at the top, we saw dolphins playing below! so cool~
Nelsons Bay- Fingal Bay. my new desktop background:) doing the 1km walk to the top was hurting cos of my foot.....
One Mile Beach, Nelsons Bay. there was a bush fire visible from here the day we went.
hmmm....wanted to pen this down. what currently makes me happy
1. eating steamed fish
2. watching Ellen on tv
3. going for a run
4. having a good sports massage(with lots of pain, but muscles so relieved after)
5. staying clear of junk food

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