Sunday, September 06, 2009

my Gp experience

so last nite, needed a new prescription for my inhaler. went to a nearby after hours gp......and had a real bad impression of the Dr there. It was my 2nd time seeing that dr. 1st time was when i went there to get referred for a bone scan.

so this guy, is 30yr++, originally from Somalia then worked and studied overseas b4 coming here.
so what kind of dr in a consultation asks
"oh...i see u are training (running)alot. how is your social life?"
" do you have other Dr friends"
" have u been to around taree" i then say no. then he says
" we can go on a drive there"omgomg. i freaked out. so i said, "i hate long drives"

aaaaah. i quickly got out of the room after that.

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