Wednesday, September 09, 2009

day 3 of orthopaedics

and I am loving it!!!! yes. today was in hosp from 8am-8pm. Ali, the reg kept asking when i was going home. i said, after he buys me a coffee...hehe.(he offered to buy me one b4 i said that!)

so at the coffee place, he got a free muffin and gave it to me! yays. saw so many interesting cases. missed my run today though. and yest. been eating the whole day! not good, not good.

ohohoh. today, the physio taught us how to put on a cast. practised mine on chara. i casted her leg;) she did my arm. wished i had me camera there to take photos. real fun!!
the other day in theatre, got to scrub in for a surg and wore this helmet thingo with a hood that went round it! so cool...i felt like i was in a chemical warfare. anyway, understood why we all wore it. blood got everywhere!

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