Tuesday, October 27, 2009

5 years of friendship

Brownie and I go way back....1st year tutorial photo was me with my hands round his neck strangling him. yes, we love to annoy each other. Yesterday was a fine example.

So even though brownie is in the same year as me, he also works in the emergency dept as a technical assistant, putting ecg on people, taking bloods and putting casts on fractures. I saw a patient who drank heaps one night and woke up with a fractured hand the next morn. Brownie was going to show me how to put the cast on him

B: "so, u wrap this round only the 4th and 5th finger so u can leave other parts of the hand free for them to use it"
me to the patient:"so now you can pick your nose!!"
patient stares strangely at me
B to patient:" for us, we use the fingers to pick up our drinks.....pam uses it to pick her nose."

later, after the cast was done.
B:" so what important thing we need to do now?"
me: " date it?" (meaning write the date we put the cast on)
B:" no, you cant' go out with his cast!!"

Anyway, the answer was to put a sling around his arm.
I told him i didnt know how to put 1 on
B:"what are u going to do when someone falls in the bush and needs an arm sling?"
me: " call ghostbusters!"
patient's gf to me:" erm, what year are u in?"
me:" 5"
patient to me:" how many years is your course?"
me: "5"

ok, so B officially embarrased me infront of the patient and his gf!!!!!!!!!!!

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